What is shell-setup?

This is basically a repository of all the dotfiles that make up my console configuration.
There's also the script that sets up a fully functional Debian server as I like it.

So, this is all highly opinionated. I like simplicity, saving space and ease of use (from a GNOME user's perspective, I know that if your desktop environment is Emacs you'll find something different to be easy to use).

If you like that too, that's great, but you might want to fork the repository and make your own version. The goal is not just to share my configuration, it's more about providing a workflow to quickly appy a configuration to a new system.

User configuration

The configuration currently works for:

Manually applying the configuration

$ git clone ~/.shell-setup
$ cd .shell-setup
$ make install

See the advanced documentation page for more information about applying and modifiying the configuration.

The bootstrap script

The script can currently set up the following (it will ask for every step before running it):

There's a detailed documentation page available containing more information about what changes every one of the steps makes to a system.

Using the bootstrap script

$ bash -c ". <(curl -s"